Argentine Tango Dance Lessons

  • Showcase at Buenos Aires by Anna Gudyno and Kirill Parshakov.
    Pro/Am Dance Competition Performance of our team.

Argentine tango is a passionate dance of feelings and emotions. You will not find it among the well-known and highly-recognized Standard and Latin-American dance programs but in a casual atmosphere of the social dances. Its name directly reflects the place of origin. Back there in the 1800s Buenos Aires welcomed many European immigrants who brought along their music, culture and simply an attitude towards life. A great deal of free time they spent in bars, mixing local music with their cultural background. Subsequently, it resulted in a one-of-its-kind-dance, such as an Argentine Tango.

Argentine Tango is an expression of people’s ideas, believes, thoughts, concerns back there at that time, carried out through music, songs and of course dance movements. The dance, the way one moves can tell a lot what one’s background is.

Professionals consider the Argentine Tango to be a dance of a partner’s interdependence and reliance on each other. Usually there are two opposite representatives of the world in a dance, each of whom is equally important. Let’s say adding their own “cherry on the cake” to a dance. However, it is the only dance where beautiful ladies are supposed to follow the rhythm of their incredible dance partners, to follow the lead, paying no attention to the music but to their partner’s movements. This dance is based on the mutual trust where dance itself is being felt through “the Body” only.

We are inviting everyone who is interested to try an Argentine Tango with one of the most professional dance studios in Dubai, Dance For You. Dance Classes on Argentine Tango within Dance For You premises will ensure everyone feel like you are on the narrow off streets of Argentina, enjoying both: dance and music. Having learnt the basic steps from this remarkable dance once, later on you will surely add something “YOURS”, unique and peculiar to make your Argentine Tango more memorable and enjoyable for everyone around.


We want everybody to learn and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

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