Ballroom Dance Classes

Hey, is it really YOU? We can not believe that, it is, indeed it is you. The one we’ve been waiting for to become one of the dearest and talented students of our dancing studio. The dancing studio which gathers lots of amateurs into a numerous dancing community. Welcome to Dance For You studio, Dubai, the UAE.

Ballroom dancing we teach

Dance For You team dares to assume that simply typing “ballroom dance dubai” no one expects to be exposed to a wonderful world of fabulous dresses and splendid shoes which are worn while dancing and soaring on a crystal clear dance floor. Our studio is happy to provide all the residents of Dubai with Ballroom dance classes. They guarantee super positive emotions, great mood, new acquaintances and a lifetime healthy habit in a form of DANCING.

Luckily, by ballroom dancing everyone, even slightly introduced to this fantastic world, always implies Standard, Latin American and Social dance programs. Whether it is an elegant dance of Viennese Waltz or an emotional dance of Rumba, or even maybe an unpredictable dance of Merengue at our dancing studio YOU are more than welcome to try them all and choose which one matches your soul strings the best. Browsing an official website one can easily get familiar with all the range of Ballroom, Latin American and Social dances theoretically, by watching the photos and videos of professional dancing and more. Plenty of our students are “regular” participants of various dancing events and celebrations, Grand Gala evenings, Halloween parties, International Dancing competitions to name but a few. While enrolling on to the first trial dance class one can not help but get lots of exciting emotions as well as some dancing skills, practically this time.

People from different corners of this enormous world are pretty the same. They start looking for a hobby, for an exciting pastime, mainly to leave the daily routine every now and then. What activity can fill in a Friday or Saturday night in the most effective way ever? It is no wonder, dancing appears to be of great value because its benefits are widely known and appreciated from child to old man. Over the course of their lives people are lucky to start this “dancing adventure” at any age, and with or without any physical training. Whether it is individual dance classes or contemporary group classes all our students surely get the best feelings ever – happiness and joy!

Ballroom dancing we teach can be also considered as a terrific pastime for both, parents and kids together. Two generations of one family are more than welcome to enjoy dancing within the premises of one studio. You will be one of those lucky families to share the same interests with their kids. What might be more beneficial than to learn something new as well as enjoy it to the full under a professional supervision of our dance instructors?!

Join our ballroom dance lessons in Dubai

Surprisingly or not, dancing nowadays is widely acknowledged as a crucial part of a modernizer’s lifestyle. Simply because every single event is accompanied by rhythmic tunes. Ballroom dance in Dubai represented by dance lessons at Dance For You studio will show the beauty and simplicity of a new “dancing” way of living. One’s values and life principles are directly reflected in the heart of a dance one chooses. If you are resolute in adding more colours into your life and setting a new successful direction to it, then YOU are welcome to join our ballroom dance lessons in Dubai. Dance For You studio will be there for You!


We want everybody to learn and have fun in a friendly atmosphere.

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