Blackpool 2018 Videos

Below is a video gallery of Dance For You team at most exclusive World Dance Festival in Blackpool, England, 24th of May - 1st June, 2018. A complete set of videos is available in our playlist on YouTube. Read a full article about this event.

Cha Cha Cha - Dmitriy and Alena.
Tango - Sergii and Ute.
Quickstep - Sergii and Ute.
Foxtrot - Sergii and Ute.
English Waltz - Sergii and Ute.
Tango - Sergii and Kellie.
Quickstep - Sergii and Kellie.
Foxtrot - Sergii and Kellie.
English Waltz - Sergii and Kellie.
Rumba - Dmitriy and Liza.
Samba - Dmitriy and Alena.
PasoDoble - Dmitriy and Alena.
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