Amazing Vienna 2019

We've just returned from the annual international Pro/Am dance championship 13-15 December 2019, Vienna, Austria. Who won the Imperial Hofburg Dance Cup?

Hobby is supposed to help people keep balance between life events and working routine. One’s favorite hobby tends to provide with energy and unforgettable feelings that make people live and enjoy life without pondering on his unhappy lot. The majority of people go for travelling because changing the locations, visiting countries seems to be the perfect way of distraction. Dance for You team suggests combining two, at first sight, not related free time activities, such as travelling and dancing. You want to know how… let’s take a closer look at the recent AMAZING VIENNA holidays 2019, in a pleasant company with two professional dance coaches and five adorable dance admirers from Dance For You studio.

Once you are in Austria, Imperial Hofburg Palace Vienna is a must see. Being constructed around seven centuries in a row, it’s totally worth seeing this fabulous and luxurious palace of Hofburg Imperial, especially in the XXI century. The time when the dancing parties and balls are thrown rarely, only on special occasions… but luckily not for a Dance For You team and all those numerous dancers from around the world who on a regular basis get invited to be a part of such terrific events. For the fourth time already for some students of Dance For You community the departing year comes to an end on fantastically good terms – travelling to Vienna, Austria. And not only visiting this tremendous place but also dance and conquer the imperial dance floor among the best of the best.

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This year the imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty rulers as well as Grand Hotel Wien welcomed our team and set the sparkling tone for all three days. It was truly amazing, both to be there, to fully breathe in the unforgettable atmosphere of constant dancing and to perform all the dances to the best advantage. Surprisingly, only for three days in December this enchanting location becomes the “dancing” hotspot of modern life. Dancers from around the world pursue their dancing dream, especially during the magical time of the expiring year. And luckily make it come true in Vienna, the heart of Austria.

Ute and Sergii perform Vienniese Waltz.
Tango Showcase.
Ute and Sergii - Quickstep.
Sergii and Kathryn - Viennese Waltz.
Sergii and Kathryn - Foxtrot.
Sergii and Elena - Rumba.
Sergii and Elena - Cha Cha Cha.
Oleh and Mahra - Salsa.
Oleh and Mahra - Merengue.
Oleh and Claudia - Samba.

Having been acknowledged as one of the most professional dancing studio from Dubai, the UAE this time we’ve made our outstanding contribution to three absolutely different dance programs. A gifted team of Dance For You has been so happy to rehearse “day and night”, to sharpen their dancing skills, to upgrade their dance routines and to achieve respectively the highest results in Ballroom, Latin-American and Social dance programs of Imperial Hofburg Dance Cup.

  • An elegant dance couple of Sergii Timchenko and Ute Kuras has taken 1 place out of 7 couples.
  • A magnificent performance of Sergii Timchenko and Kathryn Povall in European dance program has resulted in the following places 2nd and 4 th.
  • A dazzling dance routine performed by Sergii and Elena in European dance program has been awarded with the best 1st places among 8 couples meanwhile their Latin American dance has been singled out as 3rd the place.
  • A spectacular and creative dance performance from Oleg and Claudia in Latin American entry has led them to brilliant results 1st and 2nd.
  • A marvelous and flawless dance routine performed by Oleg and Mahra in a Social Dance Program has brought both of them the trophy of 1st place among 3 couples.

All in all Dance For You team is so excited to come back to Dubai because Amazing Vienna Dance Championships and all those feelings and emotions we have experienced over the last three days are irreplaceable and will stay in our hearts for long. Christmas holidays 2019, it’s only the beginning… Stay tuned with Dance For You!

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