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The best dance studio at Open World Championship 2015?

Those lucky fellows who could get tickets to the grand dancing event of the yearend – the Open World Championship 2015, the second most prestigious festival in the dance world, with their own eyes could see and enjoy the gorgeous ballroom dance shows and feel the tense struggle between the participants from different dance schools all over the world. The event took place on 4th - 6th of December 2015 in the most charming city – Paris, and exceptional location where “magic happens” – Disneyland.

What is the Open World Championship?

First appeared in 2008, it is the 8th annual championship organized by the WDC Amateur league. The brilliant idea to have this event in Disneyland belongs to legends of ballroom dancing: Donnie Burns M.B.E., Scottish undefeated 14-time Word Professional Latin champion, currently the President of the World Dance Council, and Sammy Stopford, winner of the Professional International Latin American Dance Championship, currently dance teacher and coach. Both are the honored members and organizers of the Disneyland Paris Championship. Today together with over 70 professional judges from the USA, England, Canada, Italy, Scotland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Poland, China , Slovenia, South Africa, Holland, Austria and, of course, France, they ensured honest and expert officiating. For sure, it guaranteed thrilling dancing battles without easy wins, but those who did, can really be proud of their victory!

The Program of Dance Shows and Competitions

Started on Friday, it turned out into an amazing dancing weekend! Each day was very intensive and rich: with opening at 8 a.m. and closing at late evening and sometimes even around midnight. Such schedule was definitely stressful especially for foreign participants who experienced the jet lag.

As usual, the program consisted of several categories or sections. The major divisions called the Fred Astaire Cup and the Open World Championship. Each of them had dance and level related subsections, such as Latin, Ballroom, Professional and Amateur, and age division: Juvenile, Junior, Youth and Senior. In addition, the Fred Astaire Cup contained:

  • Rising Star
  • Pro-am Open Latin Single Dances
  • Pro-am Ballroom Multiple Dances
  • Pro-am Closed Rhythm Single Dance
  • Pro-am Open Rhythm Single Dances
  • Pro-am Rhythm Multiple Dances
  • Pro-am Closed Smooth Single Dances
  • Pro-am Open Smooth Single Dances
  • Pro-am Smooth Multiple Dances
  • Pro-am Open Speciality Dances

Apart from adult couples, kids dancing was also an essential part of the championship: each day had the “under 10” category that was a pleasure to watch and caused tears of emotion among sensitive audience.

Video Overview.

Dance For You in Dubai Disneyland

For the first time ever, Dubai was represented at the second biggest event in the Dance World by our Dance For You studio team: our dance teachers and students participated in Professionals and Amateurs ranks accordingly. After all the intensive preparations: hard workouts, dance classes and practice sessions, individual dance lessons, our team took up the challenge to show our dance studio on the worldwide arena and to compete among other dance schools and individuals.

It was a time to reap the fruits of our labor - our valued students won over 80 gold medals and trophies:

Sarah Giordano

Sarah Giordano

  • Latin - American dances
  • Professional Rising Stars Latin - American
  • Top 12 best couples in the Open World Latin Championship
Liza Muscat

Liza Muscat

  • Open Bronze and Silver; Ballroom and Latin - American Program
  • Latin - American program 2 and 3 dance challenge - 1st and 2nd places
  • Ballroom Tango single dance challenge Silver and Gold - 1st places
Kellie Andrews

Kellie Andrews

  • Open Gold Ballroom Program
  • Ballroom Gold 5 single dance challenge - 1st place
  • World Championship Scholarship - 5th place
Salma Khatib

Salma Khatib

  • Open Bronze and Silver; Ballroom and Latin - American Program
  • Ballroom 4 dance challenge - 1st place
  • Single dances Latin - American - 1st places
Liana Timoshenko

Liana Timoshenko

  • Open Bronze and Silver; Latin - American Program
  • Latin-American 4 dance challenge - 1st place
  • Single dances Latin - American Silver - 1st places
Kavita Pope

Kavita Pope

  • Open Bronze, Silver Gold; Ballroom and Latin - American Program
  • Ballroom 5 dance challenge Bronze and Scholarship - 1st place
  • Multiple winner in Ballroom Silver single dances
  • Single dances Gold an Silver Latin - American - 1st places
  • Latin - American program 4 and 3 dance challenge - 1st and 2nd places
Lara Farhat

Lara Farhat

  • Newcomer, Open Bronze and Silver; Ballroom and American Rhythm Program
  • Multiple winner in American Rhythm
  • Single dances Bronze and Silver American Rhythm - 1st places
Linda Berlot

Linda Berlot

  • Newcomer, Open Bronze and Silver; Ballroom and Latin - American program
  • Multiple winner in Latin - American program
  • Single dances Bronze and Silver Ballroom Tango - 1st and 2nd places
Cara Standley

Cara Standley

Open World Championship 2015

  • Open Bronze and Silver; Latin - American Program
  • Single Dances Latin - American program - 1st places
  • 2 Dance Challenge, Open bronze - 1st place
  • Open silver - 2nd place

Congratulations to you all! Indeed, that was totally glory of our Dance For You team, which was acknowledged and recognized by the professional jury. We had an amazing time, fabulous and unforgettable dancing, and different emotions changing from slow and smooth English Waltz to flirty and playful Cha-Cha-Cha!

All efforts on the dance lessons paid everyone back by taking highest places on the panel among the winners! Our dance studio is very proud to have such talented and capable students! Together we can move forward to new victories and remain one of the best dance studious in Dubai!

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